Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition 4.0

A professional application for cleaning and mixing audio files

Adobe Audition is a professional application for “cleaning” and mixing audio files, which was formerly known as Cool Edit Pro prior to having been purchased, rewritten and renamed by Adobe from Syntrillium.

The utility provides two main working environments, waveform and multitrack. Waveform editing is a destructive approach to editing while the second work environment is a non-destructive editing environment. Several effects can be added to tracks, some referring to modulation for example, others to delay and echo or to amplitude and compression.

The Multitrack view permits for track sections to be sliced and moved. The Waveform view allows for tracks to be "cleaned" of noise and undesired frequencies by using the "spot healing brush tool". Multichannel support is offered by the utility and batch processing is allowed. Frequency analysis can be performed and viewed using a linear or a logarithmic scale. The main window can be used for editing actions while other processes are already running in the background. The options made available by the application are actually quite many.

There are some downsides to the utility, such as the fact that it doesn't support control surfaces (mixing boards) and MIDI files and that it doesn't include a metronome, a tool used for maintaining the tempo constant.

Briefly, Adobe Audition is a utility for professionals in the music field that offers several possibilities for mixing tracks so that the audio editing experience can be a fun and productive one.

Margie Smeer
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  • Two main work environments are provided, waveform and multitrack
  • Large library of effects
  • Includes a "spot healing brush tool" for removing noise and unwanted frequencies
  • Background processing is supported


  • No support for control surfaces
  • No MIDI support
  • No metronome
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